When my size isn't!
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It can get tricky sometimes

When my size isn't

Yes, it can vary

By Manufacturer

By Style

By Country

Now that you know your measurements, what is your true size?
Each manufacturer computes their sizes differently, and some change from style to style.  So if you consult one size chart, it may not work for another.
Here at Unique Boutique we carefully measure and then use the proper size chart so you never have to worry about your best fit.

Same size – different numbers

 On a globe, the latitude lines come to zero at the poles, so when you lay the globe flat Greenland has to get huge just to get to those  lines.  At the equator, Greenland becomes much smaller because the lines spread out.  Greenland doesn’t change size, but the numbers do.  So it is with fashion:  You don’t change size, but sometimes the numbers say you do.

The Important Lesson

Go by what fits, not by the what the numbers say.  So many people try to squeeze into clothing based on the numbers they’ve heard.  It is ALWAYS true that you will look better in a dress that fits well instead of one that is a size too small.

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We Use the U.S. number system, but...

Just look at the difference!

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Just Look At The Difference!

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