What size am I?

What Size Am I?

You can do it

A tape

A mirror

A friend

It’s easier to have a friend help you, but you can measure yourself in front of a mirror, just remember to keep your tape level.  It’s a great idea to keep a pad and pencil to write down your measurements as you go.  

Some Rules Of Thumb

When you measure, don't wear shoes. Measure next to your skin or in your undies. Keep your feet flat on the floor.

Take your measurements 2 or 3 times.

If your measurement includes a fraction of an inch, always round up to the next inch.

Use a 60" relatively new soft cloth measuring tape. When you take your measurement, remember -- don't inhale! MAKE SURE THE TAPE STAYS LEVEL or your reading won't be accurate

The Important Measurements for Ordering Online

Measuring Your Bust

Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bust and center it on your back so it is LEVEL, LEVEL, LEVEL all the way around. Keep the tape snug but not too tight. If it's so tight your bust pops over the tape, you'll get the wrong measurement. Here is where a friend's help comes in: try to keep your arms relaxed and by your side as she reads the tape for you. Of course, she can also make sure the tape stays level for all your measurements. Remember, the result of this measurement isn't your bra size.

Don't squeeze

Meauring Your Waist

Bend to one side and find your waist's natural crease. At the crease, measure around your waist. Your natural waist is about 2" up from your belly button.

Measuring Your Hips

Stand with your feet together. Measure around the fullest part of your hips and rear. This generally is midway between your crotch and belly button, or about 7 to 9 inches below your waist. This is generally your widest point. It's important not to get too low or too high.

Don't measure too high or too low.

Measuring Your Hollow To Hem

Your hollow is the indent between you collar bones. If you are measuring for a long dress, from this point let the tape fall straight down to the floor. If you are barefoot, add 2 to 3 inches for shoe height. Better yet, if you know the heels you will be wearing, put them on and measure to the floor.

Where Are You Going?




Speaking of Hollow to Hem, your hemline says a lot about where you are.  You wouldn’t wear a floor length gown to a pool party, but you would wear it to prom; and so it is wherever you go.   Here we give you some dress lengths and times you might wear them.

Micro Dress

Typical length: 30' - 32" (76 - 82 cm) This is a very short dress for party/night club use. Do not wear a micro in a formal setting. When is it too short? Put your arms down to your sides. If the hemline falls below your fingertips, It's safe to wear.

Mini Dress

Typical length: 34" - 35" (86 - 88 cm) This short dress falls mid-thigh. It's just right for party nights. Never wear a mini dress in a formal setting. When is it too short? Just like the Micro, put your arms down at your sides. If the hemline falls below your fingertips it is safe to wear. Just below the Mini dress is the realm of the cocktail dress.

Above Knee (Cocktail Dress)

Typical length: 41" - 43" (90 - 92 cm) This dress ends two or three inces above the knee. It's ideal for cocktail parties and homecoming. Just be a little careful showing off your knees in a formal setting.

Knee Length Dress

Typical length: 39" - 40" (99 - 102 cm) The hemline of this dress ends at the knee. It can be used in the office with a conservative style and darker colors. It's perfect for cocktail parties, homecoming, garden parties, and most semi-formal settings.

Below Knee Dress

Typical length: 41" - 43" (104 - 109 cm) The hemline ends just below the knee: The knees are hidden, which means you can use these dresses for all business use. They work well in semi-formal settings, homecoming, and prom. Here begins the realm of the tea length dress.

Calf Length (Tea Length Dress)

Typical length: 45" - 47" (114 - 119 cm) The hemline of this dress ends mid-calf. Originally, the tea hem fell just above the ankle, but the modern tea-length dress is more likely to hit 3 to 4 inches above the ankle, in the mid-calf region. The tea-length hem can be contrasted with the cocktail dress, whose hem usually falls somewhere mid-thigh to just above the knee. Tea-length dresses may be worn for any dressy daytime affair, from weddings and receptions to graduations to, yes, formal tea parties and fancy luncheons. The tea-length hem works for any evening occasion, including proms -- the hem length is perfect to accommodate a night of dancing. Tea dresses are particularly suitable for outdoor occasions and events held during the summer. This versatile length can be even used by bridesmaids. If you had just one dress, this would be the length to have.

Ankle Length Dress

Tyupical length: 55" - 57"(140 - 144 cm) Yes, they do end at the ankle! They are ideal for prom, formal evening parties, balls, and galas. These end below the normal tea length.

Floor Length Dress

This dress goes all the way to the floor. As you would expect, this is the most formal dress of all. This is the dress to make you feel like a princess. Wear it for prom, black tie galas, weddings (your own?) and very special parties.

Four Legged Tutu

Preferred for purring at any time. This dress nestles midway to the tail. Four legs and cuddles required.

Ease Into Ease

Between Corset And Gunny Sack

What fun is a dress as tight as a corset or as loose as a gunny sack? After you are sure of your measurements, think about your comfort. After all, we wear clothes, not size charts. Here are some suggestions to add or subtract from your readings. Seamstresses call it Ease. These are not firm numbers, just something to consider. Apply them to your bust, waist, and hip measurements, or to each as you want.

Tight Fitting

Subtract 5% to 10%

Close Fitting

Add 0% to 5%

Comfortable Fitting Ease

Add 7% to 10%

Loose Fitting

Add 12% to 15%